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Love Your Food

Despite going pretty hardcore healthy/paleo yesterday, I didn’t sleep that well, and had mild allergies at night. This morning I had pretty severe allergies. Which means that something I ate yesterday my body doesn’t like.

My money is on the starchy arrowroot. Whilst eating it I didn’t feel too good, and I did put quite a lot in the ‘bread’ and ‘cookies’ yesterday. I’ll lay off it for awhile, reintroduce it again to double confirm this intolerance.

It’s frustrating when you’re trying ever so hard to be healthy but you have set backs like this. But this is a type of life training. Knocked down? Picking myself up stronger than before!

… was what I declared this morning whilst sneezing and blowing my nose. The day turned out very differently to what I expected. Whilst I got off to a good start – body combat, ballet and yoga at the gym, go me! In between that and doing the open day at my university at had to whip up something quick. And oh that didn’t go well at all. I won’t bother putting a pic up because essentially an attempt at coconut flour crusted cod turned out to be just white goo.

That didn’t make me feel happy at all. And you know what, I just thought I won’t do the sugar fast. Not because of my mood, but because I sensed myself becoming obsessive about it – yes I know I didn’t even last half a day but I know ‘the feeling’ of excessive repression. It just leads to extreme rebound. And whadya know, once I let go of thinking ‘no sugar’ every min of the day and had a chocolate bar, that  led to another chocolate bar and some cookies (gasp). This is what unhealthy repression does to me.

I know that I can quit, or at least reduce sugar naturally if I continue to eat healthy and exercise, so I’m not going to force myself. My binge eating tendencies are starting to subside a bit.

It’s important to love your food while your cooking it, and love you food while eating it. It makes a big difference.

Today I made oven-roasted mackerel with an amazing mango avocado salsa. You have to try this recipe out it was positively delicious.


Mackerel with mango avocado salsa w/ lots of veggies.

Now, I’ve been having issues with coconut flour. It just doesn’t seem to like me. My butternut squash cookies were meh. My coconut flour crusted cod was a disaster. Third time lucky? Not so much. This evening I made coconut flour chocolate chip cookies. Now, I tried to religiously stick to the recipe, but it was strange. Only 1/3 cup of coconut flour meant my mixture was just liquid, which couldn’t have been right. So I added some more flour till it was dough like. Now, it smelt and looked good:


Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

But it’s ever so dry and hard to swallow – kind of grainy. Flavour is fine. Hmmm. Coconut flour you elude me, when will we have a good relationship?

Peace out.

Update: Did a bit of googling and people mention the dry nature of coconut flour and the need to put as much moisture in it as possible. Maybe there was a reason for that super liquidy form. I’m not going to give up, I’m determined to be coconut flour baking goddess extraordinaire, watch this space!!