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Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

Had a bit of a hiatus but I’m back again with a long post regarding the food I’ve been eating and other things!

I won’t lie – emotionally I’m at the end of my tether at the moment which is partly why I haven’t been updating. But unlike the past, where I turned to comfort carbs, I’ve stuck religiously to the paleo diet, which is good news. The only issue still is sugar i.e. chocolate.

In a previous post I mentioned my battle with coconut flour. It’s dry and it’s grainy. Yesterday as a Friday morning paleo treat I decided to try to make chocolate pancakes. Ladies and gentlemen, laugh at the various incarnations of coconut flour pancake.

Pancake Incarnation #1: The Crumble


As I had made a stringy of very dry and grainy coconut flour cookies, this first time round I made my batter quite liquidy. Clearly it was too liquidy. Didn’t gel and I just got a crumble.

Pancake Incarnation #2: The Omelette


Success!!!!….I’m afraid not. Being paranoid about putting too much flour in, I just added a tiiiny bit and instead added more egg. The result was a very pancake looking structure, but the flavour was just an omelette.

Pancake Incarnation #3: Something That Kinda Worked w/ Chocolate Sauce


The last one I tried going mid-ground, and it kinda worked. It still tasted a bit dry and grainy. It was good enough.

This morning I tried again, but forgot to take a picture, but this time round I think I almost got it right. I added coconut oil for moisture.

Because of my stomach problems I was avoiding oily meats and instead eating lots and lots of fish. Fresh tuna featured quite a lot in my dishes as you saw before. Here are some of the dishes I ate:

423 424

Here I made a salad out of natto and tuna and many many maaaany different veggies. Miso soup to warm the stomach. Doesn’t get any healthier than this right? Though, taste wasn’t too great. At least I def got some vitamins.

425 426

Butternut squash and apple soup with seared tuna.

Although the burning sensation in my stomach left being on this diet, I never really felt satiated during these few days. Then two days ago after dinner I went to the pub with my friends. They ordered pork hamburgers. I stared in ravenous silence – I *needed* that pork. Even though I had already had dinner, I ended up ordering it (bun + chips less). And wow, I felt good. Clearly my body was needing some sort of iron or nutrients that I wasn’t only getting in fish.

The next day I bought some minced pork and made some paleo chilli with guacamole and butternut squash mash. It tasted great, even though it didn’t really look that visually appealing:


Now I bought a whole packet of pork – I’d say prob 300g? I cooked the whole batch hoping to eat half for lunch and half for dinner but once I started to eat I couldn’t stop. I ate it all. I don’t know what’s in pork that my body needed so badly.

So today I made a pork roast for dinner (lunch was just same old seared tuna w/ left over butternut squash soup). Roasts have always been my forte, although I’m not sure that’s an accolade as they’re so dead easy to make. Today: pork w/ apple cider, onions, apple, and garlic.

439 440


Peace out x



Going Primal

Welcome! This is my alternative blog (main blog here). I hope to keep a detailed account of my journey towards health and happiness with the hope that other people may find some of the information useful.

I discovered that I was intolerant to starches accidentally a few years ago. Until then I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), allergies, depression and epilepsy. My CFS was getting so bad that I was drinking six cups of coffee but falling asleep at my desk.

One summer, out of nowhere, I suddenly lost my appetite. For two weeks I could eat nothing but yogurt and fruits. When slowly my yearning for more solid foods returned, I discovered that on eating bread and rice I would have severe heart palpitations, and would feel quite ill after. Using my trusted friend Google, I soon discovered that this was a typical food intolerance reaction.

I soon then stumbled across the perfect gustatory solution to my dietary ailments – the paleolithic diet. In a nutshell, you eat meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. I’ll cover exactly what this diet is and why it’s good for some of us in another post. But in short – it changed my life.

Three weeks on the diet, my energy levels soared, my gums stopped bleeding, my skin cleared, my hair started to shine…the list was endless. However the diet wasn’t without it’s downs as well as the ups, all of which I hope to cover in another post.

Currently I am attempting to revert back to a paleo lifestyle, but also with attempts to try other similar diets, like the raw diet. A strong believer in trying everything once, I’ll mix and match different foods and will see what works for me.

I hope this is a small introduction to what is to come.  I also would like to make this a forthright blog detailing my continuous battle with clinical depression, and to discuss ways of coping with this debilitating mental illness, as well as trying out and chatting about some solutions toward relief and happiness.

For now, I’ll end with a paleo menu:

Marie’s Meatball Zoodles!


1 zucchini/courgette
Minced beef
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Tinned chopped tomato
Chicken stock
Grated apple
Zoodles: Slice a zucchini (courgette) with a skin peeler, and chop up into noodle length. Microwave for less than 2 mins.
Meatballs: Beef (can replace with chicken). Flavoured with soy sauce and sesame oil.
Tomato sauce: Tinned chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, tiny bit of chicken stock, chopped asparagus, basil, grated apple (to sweeten sauce), arrowroot (to thicken sauce)
Brew the tomato sauce for 10 mins, dump the meatballs in brewed for another 10. Put sauce on zoodles. Enjoy!